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Thoptv is the best platform to watch the latest movies, web series, live shows, and much more stuff. If you subscribe to Hotstar, Netflix, etc., then you have to pay a hefty amount. But there are also options available in the market, through which you can watch all these absolutely free. If you are also fond of watching movies or web series. If you also do not want to pay money for all this, then here is thoptv application for you. Yes, through this application, you can watch every latest movie, the content of every ott platform for free. Without paying any money. By the way, many of your friends must have known about this application. But today I have also brought an alternative to this application in this article. Because many times thoptv app crashes. Sometimes the server goes down. So for this also I have figured out the solution for you. So let’s move on today.

Thoptv app Download

best thoptv app

If you are a fan of thoptv. And you want to download the thoptv app only. Then we will not disappoint you. The Thoptv alternative today is also given below. But if you want to download thoptv as well, then I have also brought thoptv for you. All you have to do is click on this link. And have to wait a bit. Look, if you want to see something worth money for free, then you will have to suffer a little. That means you have to wait. That much happens. So let’s download the thoptv app. By clicking on the download file below, you will be redirected to another page of the same website. Here you have to click on download again.
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Thoptv alternative today | Thoptv App | Pikashow Download.

Thoptv Not Working

Friends, I have given you the link to thoptv. You must have downloaded it too. But as I told you earlier that sometimes it stops due to the high load on thoptv. Or it doesn’t work. Or the server cannot connect. If you are also facing such a problem. So I have also come up with a solution to this problem of yours. Yes, if thoptv is not working then you should download another such app as its alternative. You can download and keep both applications. So that when the time comes, you have another option. The name of this application is Pikashow Yes pikashow app allows you to watch all premium content for free just like thoptv. It is exactly like thoptv. And its server is also good. it will work. So let’s download pikashow as well.

Pikashow App Download For Android Free Thptv alternative today

Pikashow app
pikashow app is an application similar to thoptv. Where you can watch every single movie and latest ott content for free. This app is very low down. And one of its special things is that you can also download its content to your phone. Runs without advertisement. Meaning you will not have to face any obstacle in between. You can enjoy your movie comfortably. To download pikashow, you have to go to the link below and then wait for a while while the server prepares the file for you. Then you will get two options to download thoptv and pikashow on the next page. You can download whatever you want. So let’s download the pikashow app.

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